In perfect harmony with the NATURAL environment
Another level of ELEGANCE
UNIQUE in their natural beauty
An incredible VALUE
The REFERENCE of the Professionals
A CLASS on its own


Commercial projets

Following the sound advice of their designers or architects or just by visiting us, several business leaders and professionals have helped great jewelry decorations with our stones.
You can see some of their achievements by viewing pictures of some projects that were completed with our Decorative natural stone as an Art Gallery, Restaurant, Bistro, and other professional offices.

If you wish your clients or employees a warm welcome, a elegant climate, peaceful atmosphere, or simply a decorative appeal of natural stone or decorative, Pragga is the perfect choice.

Ask your professionals to contact us or simply, get the pleasure to meet with us as many have done and have not regretted it.

Exterior stones


Pragga Decorative Stones have an incredibly natural appearance. These masonry stone are offered in a choice of multiple shapes and colors, and for the majority, can be used inside and outside, having insulating properties and ease of installation. Drystack; Some with joints; Some with or without joint. You plan the restoration of an old country house, warm design of a good restaurant or a bar, a fireplace, wine cellar, a castle, an office with class, Pragga offers THE choice of stones to fill your inspiration.

Pragga Corporate

More about Pragga stone


Regardless of the type of chimney or fireplace you want to restore or build, natural gas - wood - electric etc; one to two - three - four sides; small - medium or large, indoor or outdoor, you'll notice by viewing pictures of some projects that were completed with our Decorative and natural stone, our choice of stones with or without joints, shapes, colors, will meet your most cherished desires and more.

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