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Bioethanol Fireplace

An authentic decorative bio-ethanol fireplace, your modern fireplace, as a contemporary luxury comes inside your home, but can also fit in the garden, the porch or on the terrace. The wall-mounted models settle easily on any surface of the wall while t

Chisel face sills

Our beautiful chisel face sills provide a beautiful and durable solution for under your windows and create attractive transition between stones and sidings. The angled top surface on these 24 X 3 X 3 inches pieces works with flashing to drain water away from the wall. Available in 8 colors.

Electric Fireplaces

Our products are perfect for any home, office, restaurant or commercial setting – providing an ambiance and mood setting unrivaled for the ultimate contemporary look of a clean, crisp and inviting setting. The slim design feature for the wall mounted ambiance line in a number of different sizes makes designing an interior setting a very creative yet versatile opportunity.

The Ambiance CLX Series is the newest and most innovative modern electric fireplace on the market. From the inspiration of our original Wall Mount Line, comes the next generation of modern electric fireplaces. With the same realistic flame pattern, these models are packed with features including recessed or wall mount installation, LED Flame Technology, high-tech touch screen controls, customizable media, and 5 optional real stone surrounds. The three sizes (40”/ 60”/ 100”) make it convenient to add this beautiful and functional electric fireplace into any room or setting.


Hearthstones provide an attractive, solid, and durable surface for your hearth or free standing stove. Available in many different colors with a textured face made to emulate either split rock or slate, Hearthstones can be matched to all of our brick and stone selections. slate. For further customization, the massive hearthstones can be up to 20 inches by 24 inches. Hearthstones may be installed whole, cut to size, or cracked for a more natural stone appearance.

Light Trim

Available in 4 colors in either rectangular & Octagonal shapes

Oppul Architectural decorative panels

Oppul Architectural decorative panels for walls and ceilings

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