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Bavarian Castle

Adorning the estates and castles of European royalty for centuries, the Bavarian Castle adds a strong, regal look for your home. Recreating the time-honored style of the English country home.

Country Ledge

Designed to evoke images of cliffs along the Mississippi River, Country Ledge is a smoother version of our rugged Montana Ledge. This stone is great for adding texture and variety to your projects. Decorative stone for indoor and outdoor

Fast Stack

With an easy-to-install design that does not require grout joints, Fast Stak allows even the most inexperienced builder to create professional facings for a home or business. In addition, Fast Stak's modular design allows you to mix and match pieces to suit your individual building needs.
Decorative stone for indoor and outdoor. Heights of 2-4-6 inches for a better finish.

Montana Ledge

Montana Ledge is an excellent stone for adding rugged, mountainous, appeal to your home or building. Stratification on the stone face and a greater level of protrusion than other stone patterns help create this timeless look.
Decorative stone for indoor and outdoor. Heights of 2-3-4 inches for a better finish.

Mountain Blend

The perfect mixture of Ledgestone and Fieldstone prepackaged to ease installation. The Mountain Blend Pattern certainly expresses rugged style and taste.


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