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Pragga Stones in Manon, flippe ma salle de bain! TV show


About the show
Having unearthed, demolished and renovated kitchens in fifty MANON, MY KITCHEN AND ME !, Manon Leblanc tackles bathrooms. The designer and his team come to the rescue of homeowners for whom this piece inspires nightmares. Colors that clash, a cracked countertop, hot flowing: the ugliest bathrooms in town will undergo an extreme makeover in just one week.
The door to Samuel and Dominique bathroom overlooked the kitchen. Same for the narrow laundry room adjacent to the bathroom, which represented a loss of immense space. This misconfiguration had nothing pleasant, especially for the young couple who have worked so hard to restore gradually the first floor. And that was not counting the ugliness (and narrow) of the room! All the conditions were met for Manon and her team arrive to rescue the family. The designer was inspired by their two worlds and merged the two narrow rooms in order to offer a bright and organic space.


Pragga products in popular tv show Des idées de grandeur


Episode Summary

Veronica and Charles appeal to the team for their part made long that must accommodate entry and dining room. When they visited the house, they fell in love with the amount of natural light from the large windows. However, their favorite quickly turned into puzzles. The room is filled with windows and openings, they wonder how to manage a functional entry for the whole family and a welcoming dining room for 6-10 people. And it is important not to forget their Olso nice dog nibbling everything in its path. Nothing must be left within reach!


Pragga products in popular tv show Des idées de grandeur


The music studio Johanne and Conrad.

This lovely couple who loves music wanted to transform their basement into a music studio. Historically, Conrad has a passion for music and he has passed on his passion to his wife Johanne and her two daughters. There is not a family gathering without everyone ends up in the basement to play the guitar and sing together. For cons, the room is not at all adapted to sit all family members or 6 people at all times. They would like to have a computer space to the compositions, a secluded corner for voice recording and especially an ingenious system to put the guitars 8 value. Welcome to the TV show Des idées de grandeur

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